Fall is upon us. The weather is changing, the leaves are falling, and football is here. This time of year is perfect for having people over for a board game night. Call your friends, prep some snacks, and check out a few strategy board games we recently added to our store.

Bora Bora

Travel across the foreign lands to develop your tribe by building huts, allowing priests to make offerings to the gods for their favor, establishing areas to fish, and many other options. Expand to new lands as quickly as possible, but don’t forget to complete the tasks of your tribe.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora plays with 2 – 4 people and each turn everyone rolls the die simultaneously. Each player will then take a turn deciding which action they will take. A high number can allow for more building options, more people options, and several other benefits to help you complete your tasks. A low number usually results in a worse action, but remember to play them strategically because you might be able to block other players. After 6 rounds, the player with the most victory points wins.


Atten-hut! Your objective, soldier, is to capture the enemy flag; but be warned, the enemy is planning to attack. Remember to place your men, bombs, and flag so it’s difficult for your opponent to succeed. If we can survive the battle, we just might be able to win…by stealing their flag.


The Stratego board game is a military style game that allows you to strategically (get it..Strategy…Stratego..) place each of your game components in secret to start the game. Once you begin, you will advance your soldiers to attack the enemy. Once your are just a space away, attack! Whoever’s piece is a higher rank wins that battle. OH yea, did we forget to mention that you have no idea what the other person’s ranks are until they are revealed? Once you know an enemy’s rank, make a mental note so you don’t make the same mistake twice. The first player to capture the flag wins!


In the Seasons board game you assume the role of a mage and you must compete in the 12 Seasons Tournament. The winner will become the new archmage of the Xidit Kingdom. Use magical items and summon familiars to defend yourself from the other competitors. This is a strategic game that combines the use of cards and dice. Each player will earn crystals and victory points to decide the champion.


For other new games like Betrayal House on the Hill or Machi Koro, visit the We the Meeple new games category.

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Image Sources: RavensburgerPatch ProductsAsmodee

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